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14 May 2004  | No 7
   GLISA and Montréal 2006 Sign a Partnership Agreement  

On Tuesday, 11 May, the Executive Committee of GLISA (the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association) gathered in Montréal. During a press conference, Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 and GLISA signed a partnership agreement, officially making Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 the "1st World Outgames". In signing this agreement, Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 agrees to abide by the rules and values of GLISA, and will pay a royalty fee for the exclusive use of the Outgames name from now until 2006.

Thomas Dolan, founding member of GLISA stated, "GLISA is very pleased to announce this partnership and we would like to underscore the outstanding work the Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 team has accomplished over the last three years in their goal to offer the world's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community a sport and cultural festival on an unprecedented scale, one that will be financially viable and distinguished by its spirit of openness."

The President of Team New York, Christian West, and Ole Udsholt, officer for the EGLSF (European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation.), are both GLISA Board members and have placed their whole-hearted support behind the Montréal organisers of the 1st World Outgames in 2006.

The Berlin organising committee has announced that it has offered its candidature to become the next host city for the 2nd World Outgames in 2009. Last year, Berlin's organising committee had entered a bid for Gay Games VIII, but has since changed its position, recognising that GLISA's vision for the international development of GLBT sport is closer to its own.

   Latest News  

To follow up on Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006's presentation in Boston at the end of March during the International Gay & Lesbian Athletics Conference, we would like to thank everyone who expressed their enthusiasm for and their intention to participate in the 1st World Outgames in Montréal in 2006.

All competition formats have now been finalised, with certain sports modified to adapt competitions to the needs and requirements of events. The sanctioning process with the governing bodies for the various sports has also been completed.

The 1st World Outgames Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 team is also happy to welcome three new coordinators to the sports department:

Registration begins 1 June 2004on our website, www.montreal2006.info- First come, first served, first choice!


For the first time in the history of GLBT sport competitions, our competitions will be registered in the official international calendar of events. In fact, FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron), the international rowing federation, has listed our regatta on its calendar, and our event with thereby be recognised by the federation. As well, RCA (Rowing Canada Association) will also support the event.


The committee in charge of swimming events had a great time - and more than a few laughs - during their meeting to prepare the programme for the spectacular Pink Flamingo event. Once registration begins in June, check our web pages for updates on the theme for this first edition of Pink Flamingo.

The 1st World Outgames Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 team is also happy to welcome three new coordinators to the sports department: Sylvain Guibord, Caroline Ayotte and Éric Pineault.

   "The Right to be Different"  

The International Scientific Committee for "The Right to Be Different" Conference will meet for the first time on 30 and 31 May in Montréal. This committee will be composed of experts from around the world including:

  • Ms.Phutizile MTETWA, South-African social worker
  • Judge Eugenio Raul ZAFFARONI, Argentine Supreme Court Judge,
  • Ms. Julienne MBONG, President of the Cameroon association "Droit pour tous" (Rights for all)
  • Ms. Marie-Clarke WALKER, Vice President of the Canadian Labour Congress
  • Mr. Pierre SÉGUIN Vice President of the CSQ (Central Labour Congress) of Québec.
  • Mr. Francis LAGACÉ, of the CSN (National Labour Federation) of Québec.

EGALE Canada will also be represented.


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Québec Gay Chamber of Commerce
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   © Comité organisateur Rendez-Vous Montréal 2006 - 1ers Outgames Mondiaux.  


29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006