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1 Décember 2004  | No 14

There are currently participants registered in every sport and the most popular so far are:

1 Volleyball 11 Basketball
2 Swimming 12 Tennis
3 Softball 13 Dragon Boat
4 Ice Hockey 14 Bowling
5 Badminton 15 Dancesport
6 Track and Field 16 Triathlon
7 Marathon 17 Golf
8 Bridge 18 Cycling
9 Water-polo 19 Synchronised Swimming
10 Soccer 20 Rowing
under 20 2%
20 to 29 8%
30 to 39 32%
40 to 49 40%
50 to 59 13%
60 and over 5%



Join us in welcoming Team Toronto, Stonewall Golfers, Les Galopins/Frontrunners Montreal, Bentstix, Cutting Edges, Toronto Front Runners, and our third international federation member, IGLFHF (International Gay and Lesbian Field Hockey Federation). Nine months from its launch as a corporate entity, GLISA features 30 member organization, a web site, a global sport calendar, an international board of directors, professional management, a 1st  World Outgames, and a compelling vision of the future of LGBT sport.


An Award-Winning Weekend!
The 2004 CANAM AWARD was awarded to Éric Pineault, Sport Coordinator for Montréal 2006. The award recognises the exceptional contribution Mr. Pineault has made to the development of Volleyball within the North American LGBT community. The prize was awarded in Toronto during the CAN/AM Volleyball Championship Tournament 2004, which was held on 27 and 28 November. Our organisation would like to congratulate Éric, whose expertise, enthusiasm and good humour never fail to make us proud! And, to make a great weekend even better, his team, G-Unit, was the tournament winner in the Open Recreational A Division!

Supporters of the Outgames Programme
The 1st World Outgames Montréal 2006 invites you to become actively involved in promoting the international LGBT sport and cultural movement by becoming a Supporter of the Outgames.

You can assist us in building upon our rapidly-growing international network of sport teams and associations, cultural groups and organisations that are working for the advancement of LGBT rights around the world. Help us spread the word and stimulate participation in the sport, culture and International Conference programmes! As a Supporter of the Outgames, you will be playing an integral role in a new chapter in the global LGBT movement.

Get all the details here >>


Cheerleading Added to the Outgames Programme
After the incredible success of Cheerleading competitions at the most recent EuroGames, the 1st World Outgames has added this popular and crowd-pleasing activity to the cultural programme.

Cheerleaders will join Marching Bands and Colour Guard groups in a series of exhibition events that will take place throughout the eight days of the Outgames. A cheerleading competition will be organised at the Olympic Park, promising to be one of the colourful highlights of the cultural programme.





4 New Media Partners Confirm Breakthrough on European Market
The four new media partners are FemmeFatale MADgazine in Spain, OutUK.com in the United Kingdom, PortugalGay.PT in Portugal and GayCalgary.com in Canada.

FemmeFatale MADgazine is a Spanish magazine aimed primarily at lesbian women. Already well-known in Spain, FemmeFatale MADgazine has been publishing for several years now and will also be available online soon. Montréal 2006’s agreement with the magazine is valued at $60,000.

OutUK was formed in 1999 and launched in July 2000 to provide the UK gay community with a lively mix of news, information and entertainment. With a passion to encourage quality writing, their aim is to provide stimulating coverage of the issues that affect gay men in the UK and Europe, together with entertainment and advice from a uniquely gay perspective. They also have a commitment to support major events which further acceptance of gay men in the wider community. OutUK was a major sponsor of the Bingham Cup 2004, the International Gay Rugby championships in 2003, and were sponsors of the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival at the National Film Theatre in 2002, and the International Gay & Lesbian Soccer World Cup in 2001.

PortugalGay.pt is the foremost and most-visited LGBT website in Portugal, receiving 110,000 visitors per month. With three domains (PortugalGay.pt, PortugalGay.com and PortugalPride.org), almost 20,000 pages available in several different languages, and even mobile versions of some pages, PortugalGay is Portugal’s most popular LGBT website. Montréal 2006’s agreement with PortugalGay is valued at $60,000.

A monthly magazine that publishes 10,000 copies per issue, GayCalgary.com also operates a website where the magazine content and much more is available online. GayCalgary.com has also developed a unique way to reach its public: it broadcasts programming on TV sets in the majority of gay bars across Calgary. These programs include free advertising of events for non-profit groups, as well as advertising for the host bar, with lots of eye-candy to get customers' attention! Ads also appear on the GayCalgary.com internet terminals in participating bars. Their website receives 1,000 visitors per day. Montréal 2006’s agreement with GayCalgary.com is valued at $30,000.

  • Dictionnaire du corps, edited by Bernard Andrieu, Paris, Editions du CNRS, to be published in 2005, in which he wrote five articles (“Body-building”, “Eunuques”, “Modification”, “Travestissement”, “Unisexe”).
  • Le sport et ses valeurs, a collection of works edited by Michael Attali Paris, La Dispute, 2004, in which he wrote the chapter “L’Éthique sportive, une morale de la soumission”.
  • "Le sexe et les genres: éducation et subversion”, in Les Cahiers de l’IRSA (Institut de recherche en Sociologie et Anthropologie), Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier 3, 2005.

The Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation is a 100% volunteer staffed non-profit organisation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the first non-profit organisation to focus on the acceptance and visibility of LGBT athletes in the professional, amateur, and recreational athletics communities. The Foundation is a politically neutral organisation free from party affiliation or bias.


The Minister of Justice of Canada, Mr. Irwin Cotler, has just confirmed a financial contribution of $45,000 from his ministry.


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29 Jul 2006
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