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10 February 2005  | No 17

Australia: the New Mardi Gras in Sydney
Mark Tewksbury, Montréal 2006 Co-President, and Geoffrey Lyne, member of the Board of Directors for both GLISA and Team Sydney, will be promoting the 1st World Outgames during Mardi Gras celebrations in Sydney. Many information sessions are planned.

Touring Brazil
Jean-Yves Duthel, Coordinator for the International Conference and Head of Public Relations for Montréal 2006, accompanied by Joseph Cruz, Liaison for Latin American Development, toured Brazil for 6 days at the end of January. Invited to participate in numerous conferences during the World Social Forum at Porto Alegre, particularly with the support of the Dialogo Sur-Sur organisation, Jean-Yves Duthel was able to establish many new and helpful contacts for the International Conference on LGBT rights, The Right to Be Different. As well, from Sao Paulo to Rio, meetings were held with four LGBT sports teams who are engaged in fundraising activities to send athletes to the Montréal Outgames in 2006.

Mexico Registration Day
Marielle Dupéré, Montreal businesswoman and member of the Montréal 2006 Board of Directors, has been actively involved in promotional activities in Mexico for many months now. With the invaluable collaboration the Québec House in Mexico, she will be holding a SPECIAL MEXICO REGISTRATION DAY on 19 March 2005 in Mexico City.

México especial
El 19 de marzo Montréal 2006 tendrá un DÍA ESPECIAL de MATRÍCULA en la CIUDAD de MÉXICO. Marielle Dupéré, mujer de negocios y miembro de nuestra Consiglo?, ha desarrollado muchos contactos con la comunidad mexicana de LGBT. Con la colaboración excelente de la Delegación General de Québec en México, este día promete ser un éxito.









Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association  


Melbourne Argonauts in Montréal
The Montréal 2006 Sport Department welcomed Martin Azzopardi from the Melbourne Argonauts Queer Rowing Club to Montréal on a recent visit. Sport Director Josée Généreux, and the Sport Coordinator in charge of rowing for the Outgames, Éric Pineault, as well as the local gay rowing club, the Odawagan Rowing Club, gave a warm Montréal welcome to Mr. Azzopardi, who represents one of the largest rowing clubs in Australia, with 150 members. The Argonauts already have 21 rowers registered for Montréal 2006.

Odyssée 2005: the Montréal Multi-Sport Tournament
Montréal sport clubs, in collaboration with Équipe-Montréal, invite you to take part in their Odyssée 2005 Multi-Sport Tournament, which will be held over the long Easter weekend on March 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2005. It will be an action-packed and fun-filled weekend and a unique opportunity to experience the warmth and joie de vivre for which Montrealers are world-renowned.

Supporters of the Outgames Programme
The 1st World Outgames Montréal 2006 invites you to become actively involved in promoting the international LGBT sport and cultural movement by becoming a Supporter of the Outgames.

You can assist us in building upon our rapidly-growing international network of sport teams and associations, cultural groups and organisations that are working for the advancement of LGBT rights around the world. Help us spread the word and stimulate participation in the sport, culture and International Conference programmes! As a Supporter of the Outgames, you will be playing an integral role in a new chapter in the global LGBT movement.







New media partners
Three new media partners have joined Montréal 2006. They are E-Radio in Mexico, Mexico’s only gay radio, the Mexican magazine Camp (un estilo de vida) and the Jamaica Outpost, based in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital.



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