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The games in short


The Event
Sport has the power to transcend culture, nationality, religion – in essence,“difference”. It levels the playing field; not just in sport,in life. It brings people together in a way unlike any other activity, breaking down barriers and building bridges.

The International Conference on LGBT Human RightsThe International Conference on LGBT Human Rights26 to 29 July 2006.
The 1st World Outgames Montréal 2006 
From Saturday, 29 July to Saturday, 5 August 2006.

The Participants
The plan established provides for 16,000 participants in sports, culture and the conference.

Based on the principles of Participation and Celebration, Respect and Fairness, Innovation, Diversity and Empowerment (PRIDE), the games welcome everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, age, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, physical challenge, political beliefs, physical ability, athletic/artistic skills or HIV/ health status. There are no minimum athletic standards to qualify for the Outgames. The only requirement is the desire to support the ideals of the Outgames. People with specific needs or disabilities are integrated as full-fledged participants, volunteers, officials and spectators. By accepting the Outgames' challenge, all Outgames participants automatically become winners.

The Outgames are a safe and accepting environment where participants may express themselves openly and enjoy the camaraderie and rewards of sport, culture and art. In fact, the experience can be the highlight of a lifetime!

As individuals, participants celebrate personal achievement; as a collective, we experience group solidarity and celebrate the diversity and scope of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Through the athletic and cultural activities of the Outgames, stereotypes are challenged and barriers broken down.

Mission and Vision
Montréal 2006, in partnership with the local and global gay and lesbian community, is dedicated to creating an outstanding international sports and cultural experience for the Outgames. The 1
st  World Outgames Montréal 2006 will provide the opportunity for all participants to achieve their personal best. The community as a whole will be enriched in terms of athleticsa and culture, while reaping financial benefits as well.

Montréal 2006's vision is to orchestrate the largest and most magnificent gathering of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and heterosexuals coming together in a festive spirit of celebration in North America's City of Festivals. Montrealers of all persuasions, gay and non-gay, are dedicated to making this event a resounding success, thereby bearing out Montréal's reputation as a City of Games.

The Programme
The 1
st  World Outgames will combine the best of sports and culture, comprising 35 sporting disciplines and 6 cultural activities occurring over seven days (Sunday to Saturday). The International Conference on LGBT Human Rights will feature the following themes:

  • Essential Rights
  • Global Issues
  • The Diverse LGBT Community
  • Participation in Society
  • Creating Social Change

For a listing of all 35 sports, please click here.

To ensure the 1st World Outgames run as smoothly as possible, participants ans spectators will have ready access to all the venues, with a minimal amount of travel time between sites. The map shown illustrates the major zones. Strategically selected for their convenience and resources for the competitions, the zones are located within a maximum of 7.5 kilometres (5 miles) of the Village, the heart of the 1st World Outgames cultural programme. All sites are easily accessible by métro and are within 20 minutes of the Village, thus ensuring maximum attendance at all competitions, exhibitions and shows. Indeed, these installations are choice locations for both athletic and cultural events. For more information, please click here.

Because we wanted the Montréal 2006 logo to be one with which our whole community could identify, we chose a stylized, graphic representation of the Montréal Olympic Stadium Tower, Montréal's best-known visual symbol. The stadium was chosen as it represents both the cultural and sporting dimensions of the Outgames. Having welcomed athletes from the four corners of the world during the XXI Olympiad of 1976, this sports and cultural facility exemplifies Montréal's inherent spirit of hospitality by providing women and men from around the world with a venue where they can come together for recreation and friendly competition. The Olympic Park will be the site of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and will play host to many of the competitions and the closing party.

Our vision:

  • The logo's torch-like shape with flame on top is meant to represent the spirit of the Outgames.
  • The curved lines suggest movement from afar in all directions, signifying the emergence of the gay reality around the world.
  • These curves further evoke the form of a person (woman or man) reaching upward in a joyous spirit of celebration (our sports pictograms are inspired by this concept).
  • The three lines also evoke the shape of the letter "M" for Montréal.
  • The line in the centre is the main focal point - the Rendez-Vous- where lesbians and gays as well as bisexual, transgender and gay-friendly people from all around the world will come together.
  • The three lines also represent the three steps of a podium.

Community Support
The Outgames will bring together athletes, artists and spectators from all nations, but the games will also bring local residents together to create the best event possible.

Estimated at about 340,000 strong, Montréal's gay and lesbian community is characterized by its exceptional dynamism and keen sense of commitment to promoting the rights, freedoms and well-being of all its members. The community has a long and proud tradition of mutual aid and support, with numerous groups and organizations actively providing a full spectrum of services, many of which have been provided for over four decades.

Montréal also has a rich tradition of volunteering. The 1st World Outgames are sure to bring the city and the gay and lesbian community together as never before.


 The games in Short:

The Event
The Participants
Mission and Vision
The Programme
Community Support

29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006