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15 October 2004  | No 11

Glisa has a new calendar of gay and lesbian sporting events worldwide on its website. Have a look!

Team Toronto is going to approach its members with a proposal to join GLISA (The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Federation).



Great news!

24 teams have already benefited from the "Get Ahead of the Games" promotion!

Hurry and register before 31 October 2004 to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Early Registration: "Get Ahead of the Games" Promotion

The first 30 sport teams to register before 31 October 2004 using our flexible instalment payment plan (offline) will receive 1 free Registration for one (1) person.

Instalment Payments: Register now and pay later!

In order to benefit, the team captain or coordinator must contact the Organising Committee of the 1st World Outgames by telephone, email or fax to arrange for registration of the their group and payment plan.

The following groups may elect to pay in instalments:

  • Teams of 5 players or more
  • Sports leagues (one sport) of 3 teams or more
  • City teams (multisport)
  • Cultural groups, ensembles or organisations of 6 persons or more
  • Organisations, associations or companies registering for the Conference

Enquire about our flexible instalment payment plan by telephone at +1 (514) 252-5858 ext. 5346, by fax +1 (514) 252-5850 or by email at: payment@montreal2006.org.

Be one of the first 30 sport teams to register offline and get your free registration-don't wait!

First Come - First Served - First Choice

PARIS (France)
The first volleyball team has just registered for the Montréal Outgames. Thank you and welcome to À Contre-pieds from Paris, France!

The Vancouver, British Columbia, hockey team, "Cutting Edges" has also chosen Montréal for 2006.

LAGOS (Nigeria)
Montréal 2006 has just received its first registrants from the African continent. A Nigerian team is currently forming and several of its members have already registered.




Montréal 2006 attended the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships 2004, which were held from 6 to 11 October 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The competitions were held at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex, home to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. On Friday, 8 October, Mark Tewksbury, Montréal 2006 Co-President and Josée Généreux, Montréal 2006 Sports Director, welcomed over 200 guests to a Welcome Cocktail held at the International Swimming Hall of Fame, where Mark is an honouree in swimming.

More pictures of IGLA 2004 here >>

Mark Tewksbury with the Long Beach Grunions.


In March, the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) at its Annual General Assembly, discussed the developments in the international Gay and Lesbian Sport movement. On this occasion, the EGLSF decided to cancel their membership in the Federation of Gay Games in favour of building a gay and lesbian international sport alliance. Johan van de Ven, male co-president, stated that EGLSF would support both 2006 events equally. Since then, more and more athletes and local sport groups have asked the EGLSF for advise them on their choice of event. This led to the survey, to find out which event is favoured by the EuroGames 2004 participants.

The European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) held the survey among the participants of EuroGames Munich this summer. In the survey, 51.1% of the participants stated they will participate in the Outgames in Montreal and 7.1% will go to Gay Games Chicago and 6.7% of the participants want to participate in both events. A large group of 26.6% was interested but has not made up its mind yet.

EuroGames 2004 in Munich are the biggest Lesbian and Gay sport event in the run up towards 2006, and was therefore a unique opportunity to get direct input from the athletes, according to Conny Schaelicke, female co-president of the EGLSF. The results of the survey will be discussed at the upcoming Annual General Assembly in Barcelona on 5 March 2005. The EGLSF will then decide on future policy.

The survey showed the following results:

Out of 5300 participants, 12% replied which, according to a social scientist consulted by the EGLSF, provides valuable feedback.




Montréal 2006 and GUS Magazine have signed a sponsorship agreement valued at $100,000 CAD. The agreement provides for advertising and editorial space, and for GUS to lobby on behalf of Montréal 2006 to build support for Montréal 2006 in other European territories.

Three other media partners, covering Québec and Canada, have also become sponsors of Montréal 2006 for a total value of $650,000: They are the Gay Canada Guide, for a value of $50,000; Fugues magazine and Fugues.com, for a value of $350,000 CAD and Prestige Media (La Voix du Village magazine), for a value of $300,000 CAD.



"Brazil's leading GLBT web site, Mix Brasil, has just become an associate sponsor of the 1st World Outgames," Tom Czerniecki, Marketing and Commnications Director of Montréal 2006 announced last week. The sponsorship is valued at $325,000 CAD.

"The agreement with Mix Brasil," explained Mr. Czerniecki, "represents not only a huge step forward in penetrating the rapidly growing Brazilian market, but is also a major breakthrough in the realm of Internet media exchanges."

Mix Brasil (http://mixbrasil.uol.com.br) is a Portuguese-language Internet portal that offers the GLBT community in Brazil information on and links to a vast range of subjects and sites. It receives 1.4 million visitors per month and will also act as a representative for Montréal 2006 in the region by disseminating information on the 1st World Outgames until 2006.

H.I.M. (Hyperion Interactive Media)

"We have just signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement worth $1.3 million CAD with Hyperion Interactive Media [H.I.M] in the United States," Louise Roy, CEO for Montréal 2006, announced last week. "H.I.M. now joins our circle of private sponsors, along with Air Canada, Labatt Breweries, The Hotel Association of Greater Montréal and Radio-Canada, Canada's national television network." The governments of Canada and of Québec, as well as the city of Montréal and Tourisme Montréal are also major sponsors of the 2006 Outgames, each at the $1 million level. H.I.M. is the foremost GLBT Internet network in North America, operating the following fourteen web sites:

365Gay.com *


*365Gay.com is affiliated with Hyperion Interactive Media, but is not owned by H.I.M. The sponsorship agreement with H.I.M., however, does include media placement for the 1st World Outgames Montréal 2006 on the 365Gay.com web site.


Montréal 2006 also concluded an agreement valued at $350,000 CAD with the search engine GayCrawler.com and its Internet media placement agency, click4gay.net with receives almost 3 million gay and lesbian visitors from around the world per month.

The GayCrawler.com search engine is published by GCLifeStyle.com Inc. Founded in March 2000 in Montréal, the company also has a base of operations in Bordeaux, France. GayCrawler.com belongs to the Click4gay (www.click4gay.net) sponsored links network dedicated to the GLBT community. Through the GayCrawler.com service, users may access more than 25,000 sites in more than 327 categories of specific interest to the gay and lesbian community. Each site indexed in the GayCrawler.com database is individually registered by surfers who have a detailed knowledge of the topic; this means that search results are more reliable and, therefore, more relevant to GayCrawler.com users.


"With these signed agreements-starting with those made with Québec and Canadian media in our own market-we have just realised, in the last few weeks, a fundamental breakthrough in our Internet marketing campaign," said Ms. Louise Roy, CEO of Montréal 2006. "As of today, the total value of media exchanges is $3.2 million CAD-an unprecedented number for a GLBT sport event-and Montréal 2006 is currently working on internet agreements with sites in Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, with Radio-Canada as a sponsor of the Outgames with its vast television network that includes numerous broadcast agreements elsewhere in the world, we can comfortably predict that our event will be a truly international one-as early registrations are already demonstrating."


Jonview Canada, Canada's best, joins the 1st World Outgames Montreal 2006, becoming an innovative, creative and generous supporter

Jonview is Canada's largest receptive operator and delivers travel experiences to more then 165,000 people annually. Since their inception, Jonview has satisfied the ever changing needs of clients with their flexibility, innovation and committment to excellence. Jonview is an affiliate of Transat AT and sells only the North American market, making them the foremost specialist for foreign tour operators.

Jonview Canada has agreed to become the exclusive receptive tour operator for the 1st World Outgames. In this capacity, they will develop, manage, coordinate and promote travel packages that will be offered to our designated Official Travel Partners around the world. Pre- and post-tours are being developed specifically for our GLBT Outgames participants and visitors and will be made progressively available to our clients as early as January 2005.


The Outgames Official Travel Partners worldwide are:

Oz Rainbow (Australia)
Rainbow High Vacations (Canada)
CRD International (Germany)
Out Travel (Italy)
QAS Holidays & Special Traffic (The Netherlands)
Man Around (United Kingdom)
Above+Beyond Tours (USA)

Additional tour operators are being recruited to cover new potential markets, notably in South America.

Jonview and the official tour operators will post the Outgames travel packages, pre- and post-tours on their respective websites, beginning in January 2005. For participants' convenience, the 1st World Outgames has posted direct links to our Official Travel Partners on our website here >>


As of 1 October 2004, Montréal 2006 almost 700 volunteers have registered to support the Outgames.

The Québec Federation of Labour (QFL) and the Canadian Labour Congress, both partners in the International Conference, have decided to establish a bursary programme for LGBT workers living in developing countries.

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29 Jul 2006
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