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| 1 March 2004 | No 5 | 
And The Winner Is...
Montréal Adds a 32nd Sport

The Club Montréal 2006 was launched 5 November 2003 with more than 1,300 people registered to date.

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At the request of volleyball players from all over the world, Beach Volleyball has been added to the 31 already selected sports. The competition, sanctionned by Volleyball Canada, will take place at the beautiful Jeanne-Mance Park, overlooking Mount-Royal in downtown Montréal. The Jeanne-Mance Park will be an exciting venue for spectators, it will regroup soccer, tennis and volleyball.


Early Registration Starts 1 June 2004      

The countdown has begun! Registration begins 1 June 2004.

  • Eight days of friendship, fun and discoveries!
















  A Double Standard

The chart below compares the Chicago and Los Angeles recent bids for Gay Games VII with the offer that was refused by the FGG to Montréal 2006 in November 2003.

International Conference on Gay & Lesbian Rights

The first meeting of the International Scientific Committee will be held in Montréal at the end of May 2004. Thirty specialists from universities, unions, civil liberty groups, lawyers and human rights activists will meet to decide the contents and final format of the conference.

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29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006