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Categories of Sport Activitie

Individual Sports and Team sports

Click here for Setting up a Team or if you are an Individual looking for a team.

For the purposes of online registration, all sporting activities can be categorised into two groups: Individual Sports and Team Sports.

Individual Sports
The following Individual sports require only one individual's registration information.

Golf   Pool / Billiards
Karate   Powerlifting
Marathon   Squash
Physique   Wrestling

Individual sports with categories for Partners or Small teams
In some sport activities, you may register as either an individual, or for events within that sport that require registration information for an individual and a partner (e.g. pairs in Bridge) or a team (e.g. for doubles or relays).

The following sports have categories for both Individuals, as well as for Partners or Small Teams:

Aerobics Individual, Pairs, Trios
Badminton Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
Bowling Individual and Teams of Four
Bridge Individual, Pairs, Teams of Four
Cycling Individual and team events
Diving Individual events and synchronised diving
Figure Skating Single, Pairs and "Showcase" team event
Racquetball Singles, Doubles
Roller-Racing Individual events and Team Relay
Rowing 1X, 2X, 4X, 4–, 4+, 8+
Swimming Individual events and Relay
Synchronised Swimming Solo, Duet, Trio or Team
Table Tennis Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles
Tennis Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
Track & Field Individual events and Relay
Triathlon Individual and Team events

Team Sports

Sports for Partners/Small teams
Team sports include any sport activity requiring more than one person's registration information to register. The following sports require registration information for an individual and a partner or small team.

Beach Volleyball 2X2 or 4X4
Dancesport Couples

Sports requiring full-team registration
The following sports require a full-team registration and must have a minimum number of participants before the team is officially registered:

Basketball 5–15 players, 3–5 for wheelchair
Dragon Boat crew of 20 paddlers, 1 coxswain and 1 drummer
Ice Hockey 11–20 players
Rowing crew of 4–9
Soccer 11–18 players
Softball 9–17 players
Pink Flamingo to be determined
Synchronised Swimming 4–8 members
Volleyball 6–12 players
Water Polo 7–20 players

Setting up a team

Individuals looking for a team
If you are an individual and are unable to find or form a team, and you may register as an individual looking for a team and have your name placed on a waiting list for that sport. The Organising Committee will make every effort to place you, but cannot guarantee a place on a team.



29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006