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Martha Wash
From being the powerhouse vocalist behind C+C Music Factory's classic Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), to seeing her debut solo single Carry On reach the #1 spot - in her own name - Martha has unquestionably made her mark in music history.

Beginning her musical journey in the late 1970's as one half of the disco group Two Tons of Fun, Martha scored a Grammy Nomination for a song that was destined to become a cult classic. Yes, It's Raining Men.

In 1993, The CD, "Martha Wash", her first-solo, produced three #1 dance singles; Carry On, Give It To You, and Runaround. Success continued to follow Martha with her second solo CD in 1997. “The Collection” featured highlights from her twenty year-long career. Martha then collaborated in 2000 with “Small Voices Calling” on their Sounds Of A Better World CD - a project to benefit a variety of charities which find innovative ways of supporting children in their environment. The song, Listen To The People, saw her riding high on the charts once again.

In 2004, she began her own record company, Purple Rose Records, and immediately saw the first single, You Lift Me Up soar high into the top five on Billboard Magazine's Club Play Chart. It's been a long and bumpy road for Martha; however, she continues to spread a positive message to unite people worldwide. Whether she is belting out a house groove or delivering a church-inspired gospel piece, you can be sure that her music will capture your attention and take its place in music history.


Deborah Cox
A native of Toronto, Deborah Cox has established a strong audience among pop, R&B and dance music lovers around the world. Cox was discovered by Arista Records president Clive Davis shortly after graduating from high school. Davis recruited some of the top names in R&B to provide Cox with material for her 1995 debut, but Cox herself co-wrote her first hit single, "Sentimental" (a Top 5 R&B single). Deborah Cox, Vol. 2 followed in 1998, launching the R&B chart-topper "We Can't Be Friends."




Diane Dufresne
Diane Dufresne is energy – the raw energy of life. Intense, rebellious, passionate, she is both inspiring and relentless in her drive for perfection, working incessantly until the words and music become an integral part of herself. She emerged in the sixties to confront the restraints of decades and centuries. She was fearless, especially when singing for and about women, pounding out their deepest feelings, their rawest emotions, in songs like the super-charged L’Homme de la vie or the sexually explicit Rock pour un gars d’bicyc’.

In thirty-five years of spectacular shows and records, she has resisted the commercial pressures of “showbiz”. Like the “kamikazzz!” she sings about, she invests all her paradoxical facets, everything that she is, into her music. As one of her composers put it, “Writing for her is like writing for theatre! She can portray all of life!” Today she is close to the young audience, working with the new generation of rave artists, creating new arrangements of her old songs – Oxygène as rap, for example. Such is the creativity of this fabulous performer.

Honoured by France for her “grande contribution” towards spreading francophone music across the world, she has made joual rock, from Quebec to Paris to Tokyo. Like Édith Piaf and Juliette Gréco before her, she sings what she feels, communicating the very essence of what it is to be alive.



29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006