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Top 10 romantic destinations for gay and lesbian couples

SOURCE: Gay.com
Top 10 romantic destination for gay and lesbian couples

1. Paris, France
Of course we had to make this our top choice: The concept of romance was nearly invented in the City of Lights. One of the most beautifully and meticulously planned cities on the planet, Paris is tailor-made for the pedestrian: Wide boulevards, lush parks and charming sidewalks laced with cafes cry out for long, romantic strolls with your main squeeze, whispering sweet French nothings in each other's ears. This intricate, low-rise city has an air and allure that has been attracting lovers for centuries. The museums, the language, the chic fashions, the coffee -- vive la (gai) France!

2. Hawaii
Hawaii did not become the first place in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage (that honor went to Vermont, below), but it remains one of the top gay tourist destinations worldwide. How is that, you ask? It's not just the yearlong thong-bikini weather and guys wearing flowers in their hair -- this island group has a long history of incorporating homosexuality into their unique culture, and the tolerant, easygoing, "hang loose" atmosphere casually drips off of everyone like macadamia nut honey. The islands offer over a dozen companies set up for gay and lesbian union ceremonies, so what better place to tie the queer knot on the beach, in a rainforest or on a volcano?

3. Vermont
Since voting to legalize civil unions between members of the same sex in the summer of 2000, Vermont has become a focal point for gay tourism, with a romantic punch. Civil unions are open to out-of-state residents, which has boosted the number of gay and lesbian visitors to the state looking to get hitched. With its stunning greenery (turning to unbelievable reds, yellows and browns in autumn), incredibly cozy inns, majestic mountains and live-and-let-live citizens, you couldn't ask for a more intimate spot to get to know your new spouse.

4. St. Barts, the Caribbean
Sophisticated, casual, tiny St. Barts is one of the best-kept gay-friendly secrets on Earth. With its French laissez-faire acceptance of gay men and lesbians, the jet-set destination is worth checking out just to revel in the cool hipness of its glamorous clientele. Gay life is quite limited, but that doesn't stop the homo elite from flocking to glorious white sand beaches, craggy mountain greenery, gourmet dining, chic shopping and luxe lodging. You couldn't ask for a better gay honeymoon splurge.

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe is one of the most lesbian-popular spots in North America. Both gay women and men are attracted to its rustic-yet-sophisticated vibe, historical stucco structures (it's one of the oldest settlements in the New World) and its removed, otherworldly feel. And let's not forget the town's unofficial matriarch, pioneering artist Georgia O'Keefe. Come and snuggle up to your hottie, listen to the coyotes howl and watch the full moon rise over the desert floor.

6. Prague, Czech Republic
Since it was never destroyed in any major European war, Prague is a living, breathing museum of 900 years of architectural and visual delights. Buildings drip with intricate adornments like decorated cakes, and the newly exploding social freedoms of Eastern Europe have made this sumptuous city a feast for gay and lesbian travelers, with a thriving nightlife and liberal, liberated residents. Stroll across its many ornate bridges, and stop to seal your relationship with a kiss.

7. Provincetown, Massachusetts
Provincetown is a perfect spot for a gay or lesbian honeymoon: Homosexual women and men from all walks of life come to this haven of acceptance to enjoy its ocean, sand dunes and quaint inns and restaurants. Unlike other, more horny gay resorts, P-town keeps a wholesome image, and its bars call it an early night every night -- even its famous weekend tea dances end at reasonable hours. P-town calls out to couples, with long bike paths, art galleries, historic buildings and some of the best gay guesthouses in the world.

8. Montréal, Québec
Like a chunk of France thrown into North America's back yard, Montréal is a special treat for gay visitors. With liberal laws protecting gays and lesbians and one of the most progressive, gay-friendly tourist bureaus on the planet, most queer visitors feel like they have finally come home when they get a taste of Montréal. In addition to its Old World architecture and French joie de vivre, this town knows how to get down and party hearty (with the huge annual Black & Blue Party proving the point). But any time of year, you'll find it easy to woo your significant other in this lovely city.

9. Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town beautifully spreads out in a semicircle between the sea and the base of Table Mountain, which towers over the city at nearly 4,000 feet. The city is the sophisticated culture and style capital of the continent -- and with a burgeoning gay scene and a new South African constitution that supports queer rights, it's fast becoming popular with gay and lesbian travelers. Add to this stunning beaches, exotic scenery and delicious world-class wines, and you've got one of the best travel spots south of the equator.

10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Although definitely tourist-popular, Vallarta keeps an "old Spanish" feel -- along with the largest gay scene on Mexico's Pacific Coast after Acapulco. The cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta's Old Town host most of the gay establishments, and the "Blue Chairs" and "Green Chairs" beaches are littered with gays from all over. With world-class resorts, gourmet restaurants and a mix of modern and old, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best gay honeymoon spots south of the border.




29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006