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Chronicle – No 3

Montréal Skyline

Issue no 3 –
July 2005

As Montréal prepares to host the 1st World Outgames in July and August of next year, Montréal 2006 – the Outgames Organising Committee – is pleased to present a monthly series of articles profiling the Outgames, the Host City and its legendary charm and openness towards the LGBT community.

In this third installment, readers will see a more personal approach to understanding Montréal, Québec and Canada as premiere gay and lesbian destinations of choice.


A little bit of context…
Montréal became my home a little more than five years ago. I had been living in the Province of Alberta – Canada’s answer to right wing politics. The boy I just met was a Montrealer, and after two weeks in the Caribbean together, I did the only rational thing that one does after falling in love so quickly: I packed my bags, hopped on a plane and moved here to live in sin. We were 20 then, and desperately lost in the awe of the sweetest honeymoon one might dream.

  Complexe Bourbon in the Village.
  © Tourisme Québec, Jean-François Leblanc
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© Tourisme Québec, Jean-François Leblanc
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  A Montréal Village Scene
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Village Boutique
© Tourisme Québec
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Enjoy life!
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  A Taste of Montréal
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Métro of Montréal (Station Jolicoeur)
© Tourisme Montréal, Pierre Gingras
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So, now back to perspective…
With so much to do in a place where everyone is welcome, Montréal remains the premiere gay and lesbian destination and a perfect host for the 1
st World Outgames in 2006. This city is affordable, culturally vibrant and open to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Outgames participants will live what promises to be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience and contribute to its groundbreaking success. Even more, the famous hospitality that attracted me so – that which asked me to stay – is now waiting for you to explore. Without a doubt, people will come for the games, live for the sports and surely revel in every passion of the international festivities at hand. Mark it down in your calendar now; this is one time when being 'fashionably late’ just won’t do!


Montréal Chronicles

In next month’s issue of Montréal Chronicles:
Entering Canada, nothing can be easier!

Montréal Olympic Stadium, site if the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
© Tourisme Montréal
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Montréal's skyline viewed from Jean-Drapeau Park (Île Notre-Dame)
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Sport - Aerobics
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