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Chronicle – No 2

Montréal Skyline

Issue no 2–
May 2005

As Montréal prepares to host the 1st World Outgames in July and August of next year, Montréal 2006 – the Outgames Organising Committee – is pleased to present a monthly series of articles profiling the Outgames, the Host City and its legendary charm and openness towards the LGBT community.

In this second instalment, readers will get acquainted with the Outgames Sports Programme and its facilities, and the new direction adopted by Montréal 2006.

  Mark Tewksbury (Co-President of Montréal 2006), on 20 June 2004, Montréal was the last stopover for the Olympic Flame in North America.
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Olivier Samson Arcand (OSA Images)
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Considering the record number of sanctions already secured, Montréal will stand as the first LGBT games to achieve such an extensive degree of acknowledgment and quality of competition. Outgames’ LGBT sporting events will be listed with all of the sanctioning bodies, further ensuring visibility for competing athletes and an appreciation of their success.

  Olympic Basin, Parc Jean-Drapeau
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Similarly, several other sport competitions at the Outgames will be registered by national sports bodies, including the Aerobics and Track and Field heats as well. Provincial bodies will sanction many others. Events will be held using certified officials recognised at their respective levels and will meet the standards established for mainstream national and international competitions.

Métro of Montréal (Station Jolicoeur)
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Zone 1 – Parc Olympique, is where the 55,000-seat covered Olympic Stadium is located. This landmark, the heart of the 1976 Olympics, is also home to the Olympic Pools, a facility that includes a 50x25 metre, regulation-compliant competition pool and several others used for diving, warming up, training and wading. Fully-equipped trampoline rooms are also on site. The Stadium itself will be home to both the Opening and Closing ceremonies and will serve as the finish line for the marathon race, while Swimming and Synchronised Swimming competitions will take place at the Olympic pools.

A few kilometres away, Zone 2 – Jarry • Robillard sector, will host ten of the Outgames’ sporting events and their finals. The Claude-Robillard Centre (also built for the ‘76 Summer Olympics) is one of Montréal’s largest athletic complexes. Remaining a choice destination for Canada’s athletic elite and offering and excellent range of both indoor and outdoor facilities, it welcomes more than 2.3-million people each year for more than forty different sport disciplines. Of particular interest, the Claude-Robillard Centre underwent extensive renovations in 2000 and houses swimming and diving pools, gymnasiums, all purpose sports rooms, wrestling and judo rooms, fencing, archery and boxing facilities, racquetball, tennis and squash courts, outdoor athletic grounds and soccer (football) stadiums.

  Nageur d' À Contre-Courant.
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Only two venues outside of these five zones will be used for competitions during the Outgames. Golf competitions will be held at the majestic Club de golf métropolitain and a shuttle service will be provided to facilitate participation as a competitor or spectator. Cycling competitions (mountain bike and road race events) will be set in Bromont, located in the beautiful Eastern Townships region, just 45 minutes south of the City. The Bromont site is home to the National Cycling Sports Centre for Eastern Canada and hosts such events as the MTB Masters World Championships and World Cup and National Competitions in Road Cycling.

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A Unique Sports Experience. A Lifetime of Memories
In 2006, Montréal Outgames will decidedly be the “In” place to be. The City will adorn itself for the occasion as the Outgames’ presence will be felt throughout the Island-City and beyond. With the Outgames scheduled the same week as Montréal’s Pride festivities (Divers/Cité), Montréal will truly be the closest thing imaginable to a ‘gay city.’ Promising a rich cultural programme, the International Conference on LGBT rights and a vast array of parties planned for any taste, Montréal’s Outgames will stand as an incomparable symbol of inclusion and acceptance.


Montréal Chronicles

In next month’s issue of Montréal Chronicles:
Visiting Montréal: a Premiere Gay and Lesbian Destination!

Montréal Olympic Stadium, site if the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
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Gayrobic dancers facing the Olympic Stadium at the Outgames podium.
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Montréal's skyline viewed from Jean-Drapeau Park on Île Sainte-Hélène.
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Sport - Diver
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Notre-Dame the Bonsecours Chapel in Old Montréal
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